About us

Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development is a non-profit Jordanian organization established in 2013 by a group of young Jordanian activists involved in civil society, volunteer work, political and legal empowerment, student and trade union movements, under the leadership of civil and political activist Obaida Farajalla.

Hikaya Center aims to contribute to the empowerment of civil society components in Jordanian and Arab communities, build the capacities of young people, and activate their participation in civic and political life. This is based on their belief in the values of civil society, including justice, equality, freedom, equal opportunities, citizenship, democracy, dialogue, acceptance of others, and the rule of law.

The center also works on gathering the energies of young people, investing in them, and presenting alternatives and initiatives to achieve comprehensive reform based on citizenship and competence through a participatory, consensus-based, and value-driven approach. Furthermore, it aims to promote and develop the concepts of democracy, human rights, and sustainable development; disseminate human rights culture; reinforce equality and reject discrimination in all forms; resolve conflicts without violence; and enhance transparency and good governance, and social accountability.

The center works to raise public awareness of children’s and adolescents’ rights and issues and advocate for them through the implementation of training programs, educational workshops, trainer training programs, and launching awareness-raising campaigns, gaining support and advocacy on various issues related to children and adolescents. It also strives to convey the voice of children and their concerns to local and international communities.

The center provides essential developmental social services, which include health and education development, care and social welfare programs, poverty reduction, and comprehensive and sustainable local development by supporting and developing the capacities of individuals and groups from all social categories. It also focuses on the development and management of projects, activities, and community and youth initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life and adapting to global changes, in cooperation with development partners locally and globally.

The center offers a wide range of training programs aimed at empowering and qualifying young people to serve their local communities. It focuses on training youth in the leadership and administrative skills needed to work in local society and seeks to develop their skills in various areas, including democratic governance training, electronic media, and human rights.

Additionally, the center works on establishing and managing kindergartens, and training kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers, believing in the importance of this age stage in human development. The center also organizes training courses and educational programs in health and education fields and focuses on training individuals in areas of economic, social, environmental, health, cultural, and scientific sustainable development.

The center also works on training and raising community awareness about the culture of social entrepreneurship and volunteer work. It offers training courses and educational programs aimed at developing individuals’ skills in managing and developing human resources. The center also prepares and publishes studies related to its objectives and projects.

The Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development is a leading organization in Jordan in the field of civil society development, enjoying the appreciation and trust of the local and international community. The center continues its diligent work to achieve its vision and objectives in serving civil society, developing youth, and empowering them to serve their communities.

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