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Many people who have the creativity and talent that distinguish them from others, make them feel the difference because the power is in their minds to enable them to carry out may be difficult in the eyes of others, that Arab societies are full of such those creators who have taken advantage of if their energies to have made a revolution in the development of this community.

Few are those who find care and care for their creativity and talents, and many who are buried and die to have this talent, not a lack of them, but the lack of fertile soil for the growth of their creations.

From here it was the origin of our idea and start our organization aimed at “Generation Innovation Foundation.” Even excellence not be restricted to one and even live and move up the others with us, we worked on the establishment of this institution, which aims to find creative and innovative and to support them in all its forms.

Do not claim that we are the first to work in this area. Those who have gone before us many, nor we are the best or the most active and we have a huge support channels make us the most prominent and better, quite the opposite, we, like other institutions that seek to community development and to seize the opportunities and the pursuit of talent wherever located and by the application of the idea Whatever the size, but that distinguishes us we young creators and creativity is in the search for people like us to be together and one block work for the future of the most beautiful and important in all of this without lengthening is that we support the creative because Kmalk and we support talented for his talent not to know or to the mode, there is no voice louder than the creativity, not only fragrant smells fragrant talent.

Ventih anyone who carries in his possession that planted the seed of creativity in the fertile soil to grow Sunrise under the sun and produce fruit of creativity to give a taste of the most beautiful life.

Vtkon our Sunrise …. The creativity ….. surely.

Fbgesna We started from the idea of ​​the way and the means, and Alaptsamam will we announced our presence and plotted a way to crystal clear goal in thick fog accumulation because the real creator is the one who makes his way in defiance of all the difficulties and barriers.

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