Annajah Radio

Annajah Radio

Voice of Youth and the Community

Leading in Spreading the Culture of Success in the Arab World

Our vision: To be the number one, leading and pioneering forum in disseminating a culture of success amongst Arab and Muslim youth.

Our mission: To contribute to spreading the culture of success, growth and social and democratic enablement; impacting the collective behaviour of Arab and Muslim societies.

A community station that establishes a media discourse which consolidates the social elements and demands of incubators for social change movements and democratic evolution.

A station that contributes to creating unrestricted, innovative educational space to discuss issues of renovation and reform in Arab and Muslim societies. One which strives to achieve a humanitarian vision fuelled by science, knowledge and values of civility and humanity. A station that creates informative discourse that believes in the ability of humans to manage their own lives and societies, surpassing ideological limitations.

 An alternative station that provides youth with a platform to broadcast their ideas and initiatives concerning development, democracy and freedom, ultimately realising the true role of the station; to engage youths proactively in the process of recreating and reforming their cultural spaces. Annajah Radio is a distinctly youth focused station, boasting an executive and volunteers team made entirely of youths between the ages of  15 – 25 years. The station consolidates community representation by allowing all members of society the opportunity to express their message of moderation, change and reform that represents their ambitions and hopes for the future.

A station that strives to:

 – Form a hub within our society where success is a culture that is spread through communications between members of this community and the youth of society at large.

 – Establish a culture of self enablement and empowerment; reinstating individual freedoms and rights through the consecration of the independent, critical mind.

– Establish a culture of enabling youth groups by adopting the latest scientific methods in studying societal evolution and systematizing an infrastructure for communal movements.

– Enable youth democratically by propagating a democratic culture through its discourse.

– Establish an open forum through which youth can communicate freely; transcending beyond any local limitations.

– Bridge the gap between the elite and social change.

– Create and nurture a healthy, effective and ongoing environment for discussions and dialogue amongst youth and to create opportunities for invention and creativity.

– Give reform movements the platform to reach all member of society.

A station that adopts the culture of the “Success in a Changing World (SCW)” programme, which depends a culture of success, growth and evolution, and its intelectual reference points for social change. Our station is the first media project to represent the SCW programme.

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