Qalam Rasas

Media platform for youth leading addressing young people in particular and society in general.

 Pencil aims to find a common place among Jordanian youth to jot down their thoughts and opinions and developing new theories, and work to be exported as projects and activities for the community, and aims to provide media space enables young people to be more involved in the local community and the issues of the nation.

Pencil is a space to spread welcomed by political and intellectual, cultural, societal and analytical young people, and work to bring it up to the local community to develop these five aspects of it, and at the same time to develop these posts by interacting with members of the community.

Pencil appropriate place to do a comprehensive revisions of the mechanisms and perceptions and visions of young Arab mentality.

Pencil is a free society and expressive bold accept others’ opinions without bias or extremism.

Features pencil that seeks to translate posts and ideas youth to live projects.

Pencil offers a leading creative content that combines tradition and modernity, to highlight the key issues and marginalized and developed in the community, in addition to broadcast news and political and cultural events that belong to these issues.

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